Tuesday, February 28, 2006

hating the word compromise so what have i gotten out of this momentary reprieve?i will update it as soon as i get more pictures that will describe the nuances of what i aspire for. if you're clueless as to what this is about, well let's just say that it's one of the few more representable compromises i am forced to consider as i try to make something of the inexplicable losses in my life. i am trying to get used to the word compromise since it seems the only natural thing to do when one grows old and loses faith for all those things that should matter. everyone around me who matter hates me for exploiting that word. i feel cruel ascribing everything to it, but what else can you call the sad sad things we do because we are left with hollow choices? the funny thing about this wallpaper, it isn't even a compromise, it's still an unrealized dream. i never imagined myself making compromises even in the loadful of things--material or immaterial--i long for