Tuesday, March 07, 2006

starstruck nostalgiai felt good and bad to see startstruck off. i liked the winners--jennelyn mercado and mark herras--and i enjoyed seeing that pathetic f4 wannabe lose. the nice thing about these winners is they proved--even for the 2 hours spent on stage--that they deserve it. they simply stood out, jennelyn didn't commit the same mistake as yasmien who thought she could hit the high notes. and mark simply outdanced rainier. i also felt bad it was over. it was a short-lived affair, and good for gma for not extending a successful pilot season into a telenovela of sorts. (remember star in a million? it produced singers whom sarah geronimo devoured completely in sharon and sour sports who don't deserved to be hired for any project) for a couch potato like me, i have to excise faith even on the campiest of things just to get a sense of myself. what is it with starstruck that makes me grasp myself more? i guess the momentary pause of thinking what life i should plan for myself if fpj wins the elections is what i appreciate the most. instead of looking at the crazy politicians, i'd rather look at crazy teenagers. at least they have a better, more earnest dream compared to fpj and the entire lot of politicos who fuck up my life.