Tuesday, March 14, 2006

this is the first time in years that i'm going through fever without the usual colds and cough. but there is nausea, and i am just praying to god that it doesn't turn into vertigo again. i don't want to take in stupid medication (i.e. serc) that makes my ears pop whenever i make sudden head movements. i hate the feeling of ears popping. i missed keia's (kalon's baby) christening. which is sad because it was a reunion of sorts for old ateneo friends. on the bright side, i missed film class too, and the tiring ordeal of having to sit through w.g. griffith's "birth of a nation" all over again. i watched this film once, and that was more than enough for me. i can't sit through 3 hours and 7 minutes of american propaganda disenfranchising placid concepts of democracy. i have a pamamanhikan to go to tomorrow, though i am not sure if i will make it. should i call my now or wait the last minute because i might make it anyway? anyhow, staring at the computer monitor makes me feel dizzy. i am beginning to see double. the keyboard seems to get smaller the longer i stare at it. and my fingers--fatter!!! that can't be right, last time i checked i'm certain i was losing weight. i'm contemplating two things: should i make my own starstruck web site? or should i hit the sack?