Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am very moved to say to you that I have
understood well the other evening that you had
an insane desire to always make me
to dance. I have the memory of your
to kiss and I would like well that it is
the one proof that I can be loved
by you. I am ready A to show my
affection all desinteressee and without cal
bottom, and if you want to see me too
you to reveal without artifice my heart
very naked, come to make me a visit.
We will cause as friends, frankly.
I will prove to you that I am the woman
sincere, able to offer the affection to you
deepest like narrowest
in friendship, a word the best proof
that you can dream, since your
heart is free. Think that loneliness where I ha
cock is quite long, well lasts and often
difficult. Thus, while thinking I have the heart of it
gross. Thus run quickly and come me
to make forget by the love or I want
to put.

Romantic, not...?

Now, this letter of George Sand reads again but
while jumping a line each time...

With is there...?

Alfred de Musset hastened to answer:

When I put has your feet an eternal homage,
Do you want that one moment I change face?
You have capture the feelings of a heart
That to adore you the Creator formed.
I cherished you, love, and my feather is delirious about it
On paper sleeps what I do not dare statement.
Carefully of my worms read the first words:
You will know which remedy to bring has my evils.

But here, you must read only the first words of each line...

Y were not bored at that time, what...?

Good Wouala, 3rd finished for today, will give you later my news...

If t-piece knows...