Sunday, November 19, 2006

Went off and bought a car today. A brand new spanking Honda Civic loaded. How do I feel ? Acually amazed as life and money and credit have been problems throughout my life both in and out of sobriety. What does this mean...maybe that I am doing something right in my program life? I hope so......what is really key is that at this time 23 years ago I was living in a park on the north side of Chicago. I was at the bottom and was no longer able to drive in someone elses car, let alone my own. I look at my drive tonight and there are four cars in it and I wonder how it happened? What happened was that I surrendered, I went to meetings, I talked to my sponsor, I prayed, I sponsored people and as a result I grew up. The rest is contained in these incredible words and for that I am wonderfully grateful: