Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am very moved to say to you that I have
understood well the other evening that you had
an insane desire to always make me
to dance. I have the memory of your
to kiss and I would like well that it is
the one proof that I can be loved
by you. I am ready A to show my
affection all desinteressee and without cal
bottom, and if you want to see me too
you to reveal without artifice my heart
very naked, come to make me a visit.
We will cause as friends, frankly.
I will prove to you that I am the woman
sincere, able to offer the affection to you
deepest like narrowest
in friendship, a word the best proof
that you can dream, since your
heart is free. Think that loneliness where I ha
cock is quite long, well lasts and often
difficult. Thus, while thinking I have the heart of it
gross. Thus run quickly and come me
to make forget by the love or I want
to put.

Romantic, not...?

Now, this letter of George Sand reads again but
while jumping a line each time...

With is there...?

Alfred de Musset hastened to answer:

When I put has your feet an eternal homage,
Do you want that one moment I change face?
You have capture the feelings of a heart
That to adore you the Creator formed.
I cherished you, love, and my feather is delirious about it
On paper sleeps what I do not dare statement.
Carefully of my worms read the first words:
You will know which remedy to bring has my evils.

But here, you must read only the first words of each line...

Y were not bored at that time, what...?

Good Wouala, 3rd finished for today, will give you later my news...

If t-piece knows...


Saturday, April 01, 2006

hating saturdays

i wish i had an excuse to skip my pathetic film production class. it's been funny so far with classmates arguing and the teacher failing to moderate such futile discussions he deliberately incites to avoid exposing the fact that he has nothing to teach. it's a harmless class where you know you're better off learning on your own. it's a waste of tuition fee and a saturday afternoon. it's my cal nightmare all over again.